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Providing legal services to our community for over thirty years, Freeman & Bracey, PLC remains the number one choice for a reputable full-service law firm for everyday people just like you. Located conveniently in the heart of Goodlettsville, Tennessee, our law firm serves clients in various civil litigation matters across Davidson County, Sumner County, Robertson County, and the surrounding areas. Our experienced legal representation includes but is not limited to family law, contested and uncontested divorces, child support issues, child custody proceedings, grandparent and step-parent adoptions, termination of parental rights, parenting plan modifications, probate administration, estate administration and litigation, estate planning, drafting Last Will and Testaments, Living Trusts, Minor’s Trusts, and Durable Power of Attorney documents, Conservatorships and Guardianships, real estate transactions, Title and Escrow services, Commercial and Residential Real Estate Closings, title examinations, preparing deeds and loan documents, business law, contract disputes and more.

Our reputable team of Goodlettsville attorneys understands that legal matters can be overwhelming and time-consuming. We are here to provide you with reliable, compassionate, and experienced legal representation to help you every step of the way.

Davidson County Family Law Attorney

The unknown is challenging when you are in the middle of a family legal matter. Having our team of knowledgeable and respected family lawyers on your side will relieve the pressure. We provide personalized service and will guide you through the process, so you know what to expect with every step. Our team of Goodlettsville family law attorneys is highly experienced in child support issues, child custody proceedings, grandparent and step-parent adoptions, termination of parental rights, parenting plan modifications, and more. You should call one of our experienced Davidson County, Robertson County and Sumner County Family law attorneys today (615) 859-1328 so that we may get started on your case.

Davidson County Divorce Lawyer

Family matters are some of the most difficult legal situations with which to deal. Let our Davidson County Divorce lawyers help you navigate your divorce case. When you are struggling to make the right decisions because of the conflict and the emotions you face daily, we are here to offer sound, compassionate legal advice. You do not want to face these issues alone and our team of divorce lawyers can be by your side in the courtroom fighting every step of the way to make sure you and your assets are protected. Our family law attorneys in Davidson County are also highly skilled in dispute resolution and can help provide sound, compassionate advice to guide you through the process. In addition, our divorce attorneys are highly experienced in litigating in courtrooms across the surrounding areas as well, including Sumner County and Robertson County.

Tennessee Domestic Law is constantly changing. Our Davidson County family law attorneys stay on the cutting edge of those legal reforms. New laws have been introduced in Tennessee changing the way we deal with alimony, relocation of children to a different state, dividing pensions and other investment accounts, marital property, valuing businesses, adoption prerequisites, the award of attorney fees, and child support arrearage and the interest thereon just to name a few of the recent Tennessee law reforms Sumner County, Robertson County, and Davidson County residents should contact one of our experienced divorce lawyers today to advise you of your rights.

Davidson County Last Will and Testaments, Living Trusts, Estate Planning & Conservatorship Lawyer

Our Nashville estate planning lawyers have decades of experience guiding generations of families in Davidson County, Sumner County, Robertson County, Cheatham County, Wilson County and surrounding communities through the estate planning process. We work closely with our clients to ensure their wishes are carried out, their wealth is preserved and their assets are protected by developing Last Will and Testaments, Living Trusts, Power of Attorneys, Living Wills, Minor’s Trusts and tailored estate planning for families to suit their individual needs throughout their lives.

Unfortunately, there may be times when your loved one no longer has the mental capacity to execute a Power of Attorney needed for banking, sale of real property, business or able to perform similar transactions. Our experienced team of Goodlettsville attorneys can also assist you in establishing a Conservatorship when a loved one becomes disabled or incapacitated. A Tennessee Conservatorship is a legal process whereby an individual (conservator, also known as a fiduciary) is given the authority to handle the affairs and make decisions (financial and/or personal) for an adult who is no longer capable of making those decisions for themselves. This may be due to diminished mental capacity or physical disabilities but they still need someone to manage their business affairs and protect their assets. Our Nashville estate planning lawyers can assist you throughout the entire process from filing the initial petition, administering the conservatorship, and completing the required documentation, to closing the conservatorship.

Davidson County Probate & Estate Administration Lawyer

Our team of Davidson County probate and estate lawyers has a long-time reputation for helping families in Nashville and surrounding cities navigate the probate process when a loved one passes away. Our Goodlettsville estate attorneys help navigate the entire probate process to ensure each estate is administered properly whether they died with a will or without a will. Our Davidson County Estate and Probate attorneys have vast courtroom experience litigating complicated and high-end estate matters as well as moderate estates to ensure the probate process is taken care of correctly before the estate is formally closed. Davidson County residents, and residents in the surrounding community, should contact one of our Goodlettsville probate and estate lawyers today so we may serve you and your family.

During times of hardship, managing an estate’s assets and dealing with family dynamics among beneficiaries can be very difficult and often conflict may arise. Our Sumner County probate lawyers are highly experienced in dispute resolution and we provide a compassionate approach to navigating the process with you. Your loved one may have passed away owning real property in Tennessee or another state which requires special attention and consideration before it may be sold and our attorneys can help you navigate that process on the front-end. Our Davidson County estate attorneys stay current on Tennessee Probate and Estate administration laws and we make sure you and your loved ones are protected when it comes to a Decedent’s Estate. Our estate lawyers are experienced in navigating the probate process in Davidson County and surrounding areas to include Sumner County, Robertson County, Cheatham County, Wilson County and Williamson County.

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Client Reviews
Feeling overwhelmed and exasperated, my husband and I sought consultation with Ms. Kimberley Reed-Bracey. From the initial meeting through the final ruling in our case, her dedication to the clients she serves, the judicial system of which she is a part, as well as her commitment to the ethical practice of the law were evident. Ms. Reed-Bracey is most assuredly a litigator who does not hesitate to go above and beyond what is expected when adjudicating a matter, she also brings with her experience, expertise, and passion that is surpassed by any other we had previously consulted or met. Scott & Kareena V.
I have used Freeman & Bracey, PLC once for my initial parenting plan and again recently to revise my parenting plan. On the most recent occasion, I had the pleasure of working with this firm and these people are truly amazing... Shelby G.
My husband and I have been with Freeman & Bracey, PLC for five and a half years. They are not only our attorneys, they treat us as family. On top of being great attorneys, they are amazing, genuine people. Very professional and they work extremely hard for their clients. I would recommend them to anyone! Jeff & Victoria K.
Very friendly, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Great experience, highly recommended! Alan Kepple
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